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If you are  interested in having us create a video for you, please complete the  following questionnaire to the right to begin the process.

You can access a printed form for the questionnaire to mail by clicking below:
Download PDF:
Evilution Media Prospective Music Video Questionnaire

Also, please be aware hat the creation of a music video is a process and  therefore does not happen overnight or within a weekend in many cases. However, it is possible to shoot all the needed footage within a day or  two, but the editing process can take weeks in order to achieve the  desired outcome.

Needed Components From Client

Below are just some of the items we will need to get the process started:

  • A  written copy of the desired story to be told that outlines the key  action scenes that the artist wants to be depicted.  Microsoft Word or  other acceptable formats.
  • A  list of any actors you may have already secured for use in the video  (Models, Dancers, Etc.) and the number of band members and what  instruments they play.
  • A  copy of the song to be used within the video.  This should be given to  Evilution Media prior to the creation of the video process to allow for  proper input from our staff.
  • Whether this will be a lyric video (lyrics required) or animated video style, etc.
  • Sample  videos from other artists that are similar to the band in question that  will help us obtain a clearer vision of your ultimate goal. (YouTube,  Vimeo or other video sources are welcome)
  • An  explanation of the goals for the distribution of the video, such as  YouTube only, DVD and YouTube, etc.  This will impact the type of media  that will be created for the final versions.  Also, please include any  other information you feel will help with the completion of the music  video project.

Please answer the following questions to see if we will be a good match for you and to let us know what you are looking to accomplish for your music video project.  I understand that any information submitted will be used for the purposes of an estimate and not an actual final cost as there are many factors involved in the creation of a video project.



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