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Evilution Media is a music video  production company creating quality music videos for the nation  remotely.  We are located in the Tampa, Florida area, but we often  travel to other locations in order to shoot video as needed.  We  specialize in creating animated videos as well as lyric videos.

We  have no specific genre based music as our focus, but we do often create  music videos for rock and metal bands.  We are able to create a music  video for almost any budget.  We understand how difficult it is to shoot  and fund a quality music video production to promote your up and coming  band's newest efforts and is why we are willing to work with just about  any budget within reason.  We also work for record labels and many  established bands.

During this Pandemic we are currently  offering the creation of lyric videos that can be animated, photos only  or incorporate video taken by the band.  The choice is yours.  Contact us to find out how we can help get your band some exposure.  We can also have your band interviewed by our friends at Chaotic Riffs Magazine to help gain some exposure too.

While we will work to create low budget music  videos, we also work on bands who have a much larger budget.  However,  no matter what your budget is we do not cut  corners thus creating a inferior product.  Due to the nature of the  specific needs of the music video that will match the specific song that  it is being shot/created for, the costs for larger projects depends on  the scope of the video project itself.  For that reason, we encourage  you to contact us or complete the requirements questionnaire about the specific costs for the production of the video.

Current Projects

We are currently in the process of creating a music video for the band Velocity Drone for a new album they just released.

Below  is a release, "Slave To The Empire" from our friends at Rat Pak Records  for the band T & N with members from Dokken (Lynch & Pilson)  for reference only of what we can do for your band..

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